August Adventures and Robb’s 40th

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(long overdue, I know) Right after our great camping vacation, we headed up to Belleville to visit family and celebrate Robb’s upcoming 40th with a dinner out. Thanks to everyone that made it out – it was great to see everyone. We were especially proud of Mr. Wil who was great at the restaurant, and kept me smiling the whole time. He is SUCH a ham!

Robb 40th Family Dinner
Here is a large group of Robb’s family getting together to celebrate his 40th. Thanks to all of you for coming!

Mr. Ham

Birthday Boy
Here is the birthday boy sporting some camping-growth

Wil and Grandma Joan
Wil catching a snuggle with Grandma Joan

When we got back home, Daddy and Wil started on a firepit for the backyard, as we didn’t yet have one, and we definitely wanted a bonfire for Robb’s upcoming 1969 party.

Making the Firepit
Here is Wil and Daddy making the backyard firepit

Wil and his shovel
Wil loves playing with our small snow shovel.. it is now of course HIS.

The following weekend we luckily had cousin Jaclyn as our babysitter for the night, and Robb and I headed to Sudbury for Mary-Liz’s wedding. Mary-Liz is an old friend from work and we don’t get to see each other often enough. Anyway, we were happy to be invited, and loved seeing old friends at the wedding.

Wedding Table
Some of our table mates at the wedding – Akwasi, Christine, Robb, Matthew and Kate! – Looking forward to Oktoberfest guys!

Mary-Liz & Jason
Mary-Liz & Jason at their reception!

ML & Jason
The happy couple!

Attacking the cake!
ML having fun with her cake…

The following weekend, we hosted a party to celebrate Robb’s 40th birthday. Everyone was a good sport and dressed up in support of the 60/70’s (he was born the year of woodstock, after all). We had a blast with visits from old friends, new friends, and the usual gang. Thanks to everyone for coming, and for helping us to christen the new fire pit!!!

Scott & Eowyn
Scott & Eowyn did a GREAT job on their 60’s outfits!!!

Earth Mother Kelly
Earth Mother Kelly with Wil and Sophia

Rob & Haerper
Rob & Haerper stopped by fresh from the airport after a flight from BC!

Wil & Sophia
Wil had a blast playing with his new buddy Sophia, visiting with her mommy & daddy (Paul & Becca) from the Kingston-area

Ivan and Kathryn
Ivan sporting a *NEW* Wig, with the awesome-est handlebar and chops was making some moves on Yoko Ono (Kathryn)

Mike, Eowyn & Scott
John Lennon also made an appearance, but he didn’t stick around long. He was back to Mike in no time.

Wil & Sophia hamming it up
Wil & Sophia having fun!

Man shots
Oliver, Scott and Derek… lookin’ fine

Young Hugs
Some hugging action from Wil

Chris Harris
An old friend, Chris was able to make it out to the party too – great to see you Chris!!!

D & R
Ok so we looked like dorks… can you make out Robb’s stache?

Lisa and Sierra
Here’s another hot mama, Lisa with her daughter Sierra

Dawn & Kelly
Dawn and Kelly striking a pose

Dawn & Oliver
Here are Dawn and Oliver (who was sporting some great threads)

Birthday Cake!
40th Birthday Cake!


Dailymotion – Glee – Don’t Stop Believin’

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Can’t wait to watch the show!



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We recently went on a vacation with our good friends The Dalby’s, and it was just what we needed. I had wrapped up the crazy deadline at work, was exhausted and needed a few days enjoying the outdoors, and well, some car time too.

This year we traveled up to the Bruce Peninsula, (we hadn’t been since 2003 – what a trip looking at the old pics in the gallery) and this year we were adding on a ferry ride to Manitoulin island, and then finally up to Mississagi park in Elliot Lake.
We also did it in style, with Kelly and Ivan recently purchasing a pop-up tent trailer, and we were lucky enough to borrow Mary & Shane’s 12ft trillium trailer. It rocked! Especially with the 3 additional kiddos we have now, it was great. I have to admit I was obsessing about the possible weather, but a few days before I gave up, as it changed so much I had nothing left to stress about. Besides, this was vacation time! We ended up having GREAT weather, and only early evening of rain when we arrived in Elliot Lake. It was a great trip, and we all had a blast together. Emma and Wil had so much fun playing together, and Wil has been saying her name “BA-NA or BA-MA” since.

Most of the pics of course are kid pics – but here are a few of our trip. Can’t wait until the next one! Oh and only a few weeks now until the next vacation week! Woohoo!

Wil + Lantern
Here is Wil setting up his favorite little camping lantern

Wil + Dalbys
Here are the Dalby’s with ‘lil Wil posing by the campfire in the Bruce

Emma, Wil and Madeline
Kid Shot! – Emma, Wil and Madeline

Wil - beach SS
Wil checking out the beach at Singing Sands… we hadn’t even put his bathing suit on yet!

Dalby family Shot
Here is a Dalby family shot at the beach – with Tika too!

Sinclair Family Shot
Sinclair Family Shot at Singing Sands… and yes I agree, bad pic of me :(

Wil + Emma SS
Having fun on the beach with Emma

Wil - SS
Beach bum

Daddy + Wil hike BP
Daddy & Wil stopping to check out the view on a hike at Bruce Peninsula National Park

View from the trail
View from the trail

Kelly, Robb and Wil
Kelly, Robb and Wil

Another family shot
Another Family Shot

Wil + boardwalk
Wil loved all the boardwalks!

Chilling by the water
Here is Wil chilling out by the “BA-LUH”

Wil - trying to pee
Wil had a good time imitating Emma, but only wanted to pretend to pee

The trailer
The trailer we used – we loved it!! Thanks Mary and Shane!

Kid Shot 2
Buddy Shot!

Tobermory Harbour
Here is Daddy and Wil checking out the sailboats (one of Wil’s favorite words) in the Tobermory harbour

Mommy and Wil
On the Chi CheeMaun ferry over to Manitoulin – we welcomed the breeze – it was a long HOT wait for the ferry… can you tell?

Wil Grilled Cheese
Wil enjoying some grilled cheese on the ferry ride

Madeline's 1st tooth
Kelly and I discovered Maddy’s 1st tooth on our ferry ride!

Ivan + Madeline
Ivan and Madeline looking out at the water from the campsite in Mississagi – another beautiful day & spot!

Wil + stick
Wil and Daddy found a great stick during their long hike – Here is one of many shots of I have of Wil hitting it on the ground. Oh the fun kids have!

Emma vs. diaper cream
It was quiet in the trailer during nap time… but we heard a rustle and discovered it was a case of Emma vs. the diaper cream!

More evidence
More evidence

Beach kids
Kids playing at the beach in Mississagi

Beach Kids 2
Water + Buckets = Fun

Wil + emma tree
Playing with rocks, sticks and a hollow in a tree = more fun!

Hi Wil
Hi Wil – having fun?

Dalby Family shot2
Another Dalby Family shot


Sinclair Family Scariness
and then there’s us – whoa…. we look rough, but had a blast!


July 2009

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A mini-update for July:

Mary, Shane and Wil

Mary and Shane came for a visit, and to bring us their trailer for our upcoming camping trip. Here is a pic we took before they left.
Great visit guys!

80's Wil
Here is Wil in his 80’s garb, complete with his “Wilson” sweat bands!

The Richter twins
We went up to Sasha’s cottage for a visit. Here are the Richter twins fishing off the Woodburn dock.

Sasha and D'Arcy
Sasha and D’Arcy chillaxin’ on the dock

Rip N Hammer
Dave brought up my favorite t shirt (NOT) of his that he has worn MANY times over the years. RIP N HAMMER, Dave!

Water Squirters!
Here are the kids playing with the twin’s water squirters. Wil LOVED them so of course we had to go and buy some later!

Hangin' on the dock with the twins
Hangin’ on the dock with the twins

Sasha getting the boat ready

Ready to go
Ready to go

Mommy and Wil driving the boat
Mommy and Wil driving the boat – he looks a little concerned, non?

Happy Wil
Here is Wil enjoying the bumpy boat ride – took a few minutes but he started loving it!

Weber's Train1
Here is Wil checking out one of the trains at Weber’s on the way home. He LOVED them!

Weber's Train2
Happy Boy


Belated Post – Summertime!

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It’s summer, and these are the times I miss maternity leave and hate (ok envy) all my teacher friends. Work is ridiculous right now, and I’m getting into full blown stress-mode. Looking forward to our camping trip at the end of the month, though! Luckily the work right now is nicely balanced with lots of friends and family on the weekends, and we are just LOVING living in our “cottage” (we are still working on a name for our place, so any suggestions are welcome).

I have also been lucky enough to sneak in a girls weekend up north to my old friend Lake Kawagama, and boy have I ever missed it. I hope to get up there again very soon thanks to Dave & Sasha , and this time with Wil and Robb.

Here are some more recent pics, since this is the reason we all have digital right?? – so I can share with friends and family. I’m hoping this conversion to wordpress will make this process a whole lot easier :-) All the photos can be clicked for a larger view.

Hope the new blog design is also agreeable. I quite like it myself – your feedback is appreciated. Still working out some kinks for image upload and layout but I REALLY hope I find it easier… and soon.

Highland Games 1
Robb took Wil to the highland games in Georgetown while I was away…

Wil, Mya and Rick at the Games
Wil, Mya and Rick at the Games

Robb's brother Fred playing the pipes at the games
Robb’s brother Fred playing the pipes at the games

Wil loving his new Motorcycle from his Aunt Linsey and Uncle Tim
Wil loving his new Motorcycle from his Aunt Linsey and Uncle Tim

Zara on Wil's Tricycle
Zara on Wil’s Tricycle

Taking a ride with Zara on father's day
Taking a ride with Zara on father’s day

Sweet Ride
Sweet Ride

Radio Flyer Tricycle from Grandma Joan – he especially loves the bell!

Tricyle Push
It has great “push” feature they both were obsessed with!

Plank Fun
Playing on the pirate plank!


Uncle Tim's Motorcycle
Wil checking out Uncle Tim’s motorcycle

BCA - Mommy & Wil
Canada Day hike at the Belfountain Conservation Area

Wil saying hey
Wil saying hey

Checking out the bridge over the falls
Checking out the bridge over the falls

Wil looking at the “BA-LUH” (water)

At the Bel-Fountain
At the Bel-Fountain

Wil - shot
Wil posing for a “shot”

Mystery cave at the Belfountain CA
Mystery cave at the Belfountain CA

Cave Interior
Hard to imagine living here, but it’s got a fireplace!

Wil hanging with Rachel
Wil hanging with Rachel

W & R hanging
Hard to get them looking at the camera at the same time!

Got to meet Kate and Matthew’s newest addition, Beatrix at her recent baby shower – she is SO sweet!

Getting caught up and learning the new tools – more posts to come!

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