I’m here, I’m well, and I’m shuffling along with the #ZombieMoms

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So although I am well overdue on a few posts (like oh, ummm Blissdom Canada 2010, my new car!, my new baby!, my new cottage! etc.) I’ve had some recent motivation (a deadline!) to get my act together and write a post. Funny I am doing this on my *gasp!* 36th birthday, but I feel as though it is a gift to myself because I am finally HERE. So needless to say I have MUCH more to share, but today on my birthday, I wanted to write a a little about my recent online experience as one of the many #ZombieMoms. Funny enough is that most of my overdue posts have a common theme. That theme is Social Media and more specifically Twitter.

I attended Blissdom last year to give me some motivation to blog this year and now that things with baby are getting into more of a routine I am really looking forward to that. My new car of course was a result of me responding to a tweet that entered me into a contest, and my new baby came into this world in a way online, since I tweeted & posted on Facebook throughout my labour. Because of Blissdom last year I met more and more amazing women, and have connected with more and more amazing people through the amazingness that is Twitter. I’ve even reconnected with some people I knew from back in the day! (Highschool)

But to get to my point, I love Twitter as it is:
a) Easy
b) Fast
c) Short
d) Always there
e) Did I mention easy? (I’m lazy at heart)
f) Builds Relationships

And F is precisely why I am writing this post. You see, I have been tweeting a lot with other new moms, preggos & parents. It’s been so wonderful to be able to reach out to people in the middle of the night (when the babe was waking a lot), to women who understand and can relate to all the questions I have (even though I’m on kid #2), the questions that come back since my Zombie Mom brain has forgotten, the NEW questions I have, or even just to be able to commiserate with others who are/were in the same boat. These late night/early morning conversations grew to many fellow twitter peeps (or tweeps) & we quickly ran out of characters to tweet or chat with (for those of you not in the know, twitter posts or tweets are limited to 140 characters). Soooooo, we’ve started a hashtag thread (something you can search/follow) called #ZombieMoms – the perfect description for our lovely bunch. In approx. 2 weeks we have had MANY more tweeps responding to, and adding to the #ZombieMoms conversation & I frankly I think it’s just the tip of the iceberg. These women are amazing, funny, insightful & most of all – supportive.

In order to promote and celebrate this amazing group we are tweeting/blogging like crazy tomorrow (April 6) to show the Twitterverse who we are & to demonstrate one of the great realities of Twitter – bringing people together.

Of course (nerd up!) I feel this way about the internet in general, since I have so many great relationships with both IRL (in real life) friends on Facebook, and other friends I have known online for years on BabyCenter. These friends keep me smiling and keep me connected, especially now that I’m livin’ in the country and *mostly* (but certainly not for long) housebound with a newborn. (He’s great by the way, and I’ll be posting more about him in an upcoming post. Oh yeah the car is the shizzle too, just ask my husband since he drives it everyday).

So… (1/2 an hour later Newfoundland,) I give you some of my recent “Mombie” (Mom + Zombie = Mombie) moments:

  • My new baby (Mr. 2) does NOT like a soother. Loves Me. He is gaining 1/2 pound a WEEK. He’s almost 10 weeks old & weighs close to 14 POUNDS. (He was 8lbs when he was born)
  • He was born in January. This winter is WAY too long. Can’t WAIT for better weather so we can outside more. We live on the Bruce Trail. It’s mocking me.
  • I LOVE my PVR. I LOVE my iPad. I LOVE my cell phone. I LOVE the internet. I LOVE speaker phone. Nerd Up! (See my Yummy Mummy Club post re: technology for those on Maternity leave here: Nerd’s Guide to Maternity Leave Hoping to do a follow-up post in the near future).
  • I was speaking to my husband the other day on the cordless phone while pouring myself a glass of milk. I promptly put down the phone, and walked around talking to the glass of milk. I clued in when I heard him yelling from the other room: “I can’t hear you….. where did you go???!!!!”
  • I’ve had mastitis twice already & all I can say is I feel as though I have conquered nearly dying.
  • My boobs are so big I’ve had to resort to wearing sport-type nursing bras all the time. Don’t know what I will do if I actually had to wear something NICE. Umm, when an H cup is too small, you really, seriously, consider post-breastfeeding surgery options.
  • Mr. 2 is harder than Mr. 1. He cries more. A LOT more.
  • Wil (Mr.1) is in daycare a LOT more than I expected. This way he isn’t watching TV all day. It’s good for both of us. His “home” days are even more special as a result.
  • We tried our 1st bottle tonight and the Mr. 2 HATED it. I’m wondering if I’ll ever be able to go out without him.
  • My husband (Robb) sometimes dreads coming home, as even though I work from home and therefore find more and more “jobs” to do around the house, imagine when I’m NOT working. Let’s just say the list is growing. Oh yeah, did I mention we bought a cottage too? Now I have 2 lists!!!
  • Having a shower more often than every 3 days is HEAVEN. And “doing” my hair? – JOYOUS.
  • I still LOVE the miracle blanket. He’s been sleeping 7-9 hours in a row at night for the last few weeks. YES!!! Now if only I went to bed at a decent time!
  • Mr. 2 has the most adorable smile and dimples ever. Like THE cutest. He’s also starting his baby talk. I’m so in love.
  • Mr. 1 is an AMAZING big brother. He is really proud of his baby brother & is so sweet and affectionate with him. We feel so lucky.

  • As usual I’m long winded, but in honour of the #ZombieMoms mad-tweeting planned for tomorrow, I’ll add to the list with some more of my “Mombie” moments or brainwaves as they come to me. (wait – do Zombies HAVE brains???)


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    • Sara says:

      I can attest to everything she is saying- Twitter is awesome, Blissdom was awesome (thanks again Dana for being my roommate! SOOO fun! P.S. I still have the shirt that you loaned me), online mom to mom relationships are awesome. In fact, we met on Babycenter, and I’m so glad we did. Great to see your new post, Dana and looking forward to many more! Now can we PLEASE find a mutually convenient day to get together?? πŸ˜€ #busymoms

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