Blissdom Canada!

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BlissDom Canada

I can’t believe I have signed up to go, as I will be in the company of some AMAZING female bloggers, brands/businesses, but I am SUPER excited as I hope to get my butt into gear for blogging next year and perhaps to finalize on some new ideas I have milling around in my head. If nothing else, it will be an opportunity for me to connect with many other moms/bloggers who share the same love the of the internet/social media that I have. I find that in my closest circle of friends and family, I don’t have the same support I will need to progress forward into this community, likely because they aren’t a part of it, and just don’t GET it. Maybe that should be a future post topic – trying to EXPLAIN it all and what this social media universe is all about.
I am happy although to have seen the small amount of influence I have had in this realm with my closest network; whether it be touting the benefits and fun of blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn or even owning a Mac, it seems that SOME people take my advice (at least sometimes). In a lot of cases people have taken the advice and RAN with it, well beyond my daily interaction anyway. Happy to see it happen as I am one that loves the advances in technology and I’m very interested in striking the right life balance needed with all these digital influences. (i.e. can’t remember the last time I read an entire REAL book, so picking that back up is really a focus for me next year, as I used to LOVE reading).

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m happy to share, and it’s done informally and intermittently now, so I hope to use my blog to continue to share – whether it be about my daily happenings, or my favorite mom/baby products, technology/gadgets or just music & bands I think that my extended world NEEDS to know about. Just ask my twin sister – she has beared the brunt often of my passionate INSISTENCE that she listen to a song RIGHT now. Usually, she quickly understands why thankfully. Right, Dawn? πŸ˜‰

Anyway just a quick note to say how excited (and nervous) I am to be going… now just trying to figure out a costume for a 6month pregnant belly. I’m thinking a pregnant nun at this point – hey wouldn’t THAT be a cardinal sin?

Quick pic from our family hike last weekend – we’ve been having AWESOME weather on the weekends…this hike ran about 2.5 hours after we took an unknown side trail off the Bruce – needless to say I was pretty sore last week, and feeling MUCH more pregnant. I can’t believe I am now in my 3rd trimester!

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